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Marking & Measuring Bundle: FLTS + P2P + PB

Trammel Set, Marking Gauge, Scriber, Equal Space Layout Divider and more…


Accurately mark or cut arcs, circles & parallel lines
Need to draw a circle? or rather… Need to draw an accurate circle? One where the finishing point actually meets the starting point? M.POWER’s Flat Lying Trammel Head Set will guarantee you exactly that. Simply clip the two Trammel Scribe heads onto any length of steel or Aluminium Rule from 6 inch to 6 feet in length. Choose the pencil or the hyper fine cutting blade and…. More Info

The M.POWER “Perfect Butt” Profile Scriber is a simple and elegant solution to the age-old problem of accurate profile copying and offsetting. Curved or straight, it gives you a perfect profile, and a perfect butt joint, every time.
Now with 5 different wheel sizes, our profile scriber can cope with almost every conceivable profiling situation, it’s also the fastest accurate profile scriber in the world. Completing traditional scribing chores with precision, speed and…. More Info

Bigger Stonger and More Accurate.
The NEW Point 2 Point™ Mk2 takes the hassle out of marking out jobs that need equal spacings, ideal for those of us whose eye instantly settles on an out of place screw head. The Point 2 Point™ saves a good deal of discomfort and time spent with a calculator, tape measure and note pad. Finding the perfect sequence and spacings for a row of coat hooks, screws, nails, dowels, or shirt buttons is as easy as an equally divided piece of…. More Info

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Customer Reviews


P2P Review:
Excellent tool! – Helps space out my screws evenly. Helps makes the project look nicer.

Randy R

P2P Review:
Luxury item turns out to be quite practical. – Have wanted for a long time, but put it off, as a “not necessary” shop item. Since this purchase, I’ve used more than I thought. Great Purchase!

David P

P2P Review:
Finally found it! – Hard to find, great for dovetail layout.