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A Trammel Set is a clip on compass for drawing circles. This Set manufactured by M Power is a “Flat lying” set for drawing and cutting circles. Simply clip the set onto your metal rule to lay out any size circle. We tried it on a 4′ long 2″ rule, and a 12″ long 1″ rule. In both cases it drew a perfect circle accurately and with ease. The accuracy depends on your patience and care when tightening down the pinch bolt. This set will also let you mark a parallel line with one of the trammel heads and a try square. Another use of this set is drawing duel parallel lines on your work using an engineers square.
The set also lets you cut circles in veneer. A small blade holder replaces the pencil in the trammel head. Rotating the cutter 3 or 4 times should complete your cut through a typically thin veneer.
Overall this set is well constructed and easy to use, two things I like in a tool. I found that using this marking set in conjunction with the circle cutting jig I use on my band saw made marking and cutting both accurate and easy to do and a perfect addition to your tool box. Making this September’s Cool Tool. Selling online for about $22 won’t put a dent in your tool budget. Check out all the features of this set on the M Power website.