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Slide to the Left, Slide to the Right

While my main chisel-use is to blast into a PT joist to pry the wane out of a deck board, I appreciate a sublimely sharp tool—which mine is not. Lacking in the skill, patience, or coordination to resharpen my edge tools, I basically just don’t. However, the M-Powertools Fastrack jig

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Woodsmith – CRB7 Great Gear

Woodsmith Issue 242 – Great Gear – Robert KempIn at #2 - CRB7 Router Base

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Popular Woodworking – CRB7 MK3

Editors at Popular Woodworking review the CRB7 MK3, read on to see what they think about it.

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ShorePoint Creations – Plane and Chisel Sharpener

Jay from Shorepoint Creations reviews the Fasttrack MK2

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WoodworkWeb – FASTTRACK Mk2 Chisel and Plane Sharpener

Colin Knect from Woodwork Web tries out the Fasttrack MK2.....

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Pre-Launch Contest – WIN a FASTTRACK MK2 Bundle

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The Grommet wants the Knife Sharpener

The Grommet who reviews over 15,000 products a year and selects only 3%, has selected the M POWER DC Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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The Wood Whisperer – CRB7 Mega Bundle

The WoodWhisperer Live, Marc Spagnuolo takes a look at the MPOWER CRB7 Universal Combination Router Base Mk3.....

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ShorePoint’s Cool Tool – Knife Sharpening Made Easy

Jay from Shorepoint Creations finds knife sharpening has just become easier and extremely efficient. Watch him use it.....

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How to Make an Easy Knife Block & M-Power Knife Sharpener Review

Colin Knecht from WoodWorkWeb thinks the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener gives excellent results quickly.

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Stumpynubs uses the DC Knife Sharpener

Jay from Shorepoint Creations finds knife sharpening has just become easier and extremely efficient. Watch him use it.....

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CRB7 – Circular Table with Ralph Bagnall

Watch Ralph Bagnall demo the CRB7 to form a circular table.....

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Colin Knecht Tests the CRB7

Colin Knecht From Wood Work Web.Com Tried Out The CRB7.....

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UPGRADE CRB7 Edge Trim Base

Santa gave a new coffee machine to the techies at M.Power Tools. Slightly tetchy and after a 110 hour straight shift.....

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Fine Woodworking CRB7 MHLF

Fine Woodworking MHL Review

Hand held routers are useful in any shop, even those with router tables. My professional shop has eight loaded with common bits and ready to go. But routing accurate mortises or channels with a single fence can be challenging.....

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Shorepoint Creations FTS review

Jay from Shorepoint Creations takes the Fasttrack for a test drive. Take a look.....

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The MHLF featured in Contractor Supply product carousel blog

MPOWER CRB7 MHLF - MORTISE, HINGE, LOCK AND FLUTE ACCESSORY. Now, cutting mortises, hinge or lock rebates or edge guide work is safer, quicker and more accurate than before. The CRB.....

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CRB7 – MHLF Accessory Launch

The CRB7 MHLF has offically been launched and is now available at most of our vendors

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Infinity cutting tools brand image

Diamond Cross Range at Infinity Cutting Tools

You can now find the new Diamond Cross range at Infinity Cutting Tools.....

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Point 2 Point Layout Divider

P2P makes the SWL with The Family Handyman

Stuff we love: the Point 2 Point MK2. This device accurately helps you to mark pin, dowel, and screw locations without a ruler or caliper. Seven stainless points can be extended.....

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MPOWER Diamond Bench Stone Sharpening Stone

Wood Magazine – 8 Inch Bench Stone

Diamond sharpening stones work great for shaping and honing tools because they cut fast and last a long time. These M-Power diamond stones (yes, they're called stones even though they're actually diamond-covered steel plates) cut faster than most comparable diamond products, so you finish quicker. And you get two grits

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Stumpynubs includes the Flat Lying Trammel Set as one of his Cool Tools

Stumpynubs includes the Flat Lying Trammel Set as one of their "Cool Tools"

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Freehand tool sharpening the easy way : MPOWER FASTTRACK Mk1

James at Stumpynubs thinks the Fasttrack sharpener has turned the sharpening world upside down.

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FLTS Facelift

What is it in the 21st century that allows a pair of calliper compasses or Trammel heads to be so bad at drawing circles?..... That is, after all, they’re one and only purpose. The major problem is that the critical position of where you start the circle and where you finish it...

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