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SB2 Double Diamond Sharpening Stone Set – Side By Side

2 Diamond Grades, Side By Side – The Complete Sharpening Kit

Perfecting the Double Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone

  • 3 Diamond Grade Model Options
    300/1200, 600/1200 & 300/600
  • Premium Monocrystalline Diamond
  • Superior Diamond Plate Flatness +/- 0.00175″
  • MPOWER 10 Year Bench Stone Guarantee
  • New Scientifically Advanced Lapping Fluid
  • Replaceable Diamond Surfaces
  • 2 Real Leather Strop covers
  • 2 Grades of Polishing Wax
  • Tough Canvas Case
  • Unique Diamond Recess Pattern
  • Precision and Stability

Embrace the essence of craftsmanship with the SB2, affectionately known as “The little brother of the BIG DAWG.”

Nearly two years ago, we introduced the Side by Side (SBS): a 6 Stage – 3 Grade Diamond Sharpening Station that set a new standard in precision. Now, meet its equally impressive sibling, the SB2. Offering four stages of sharpening prowess, it embodies the same excellence that made the SBS our best-selling Diamond Stone. With two Diamond Grades and two Finishing Strops, the SB2 ensures your chisels, plane blades, and cutting tools remain razor-sharp.


Discover the SB2 Double Diamond Sharpening Stone Set

Welcome to the future of tool maintenance. With the SB2 Double Diamond Sharpening Stone Set MPOWER is revolutionizing the way professionals and hobbyists alike sharpen their tools, ensuring a lifetime of precision and durability. Our Premium DIamond Bench Stones offer the best in Monocrystalline Sharpening Quality.

Why Choose SB2 Diamond Sharpening Plate?

The SB2 Double Diamond Sharpening Stone is not just another tool; it’s your lifelong sharpening companion. Say goodbye to disposing of your expensive tools because of minor damages. Our innovative design allows for damaged diamond surfaces to be easily replaced by the user. Plus, for the first ten years, we provide replacement plates absolutely free of charge!

Diamond Stone Specifications:

  • Overall Size: 8 x 8 1/4 Inches
  • Diamond Surface: 2x 8 x 2.75 Inches
  • Total Diamond Surface: 44 Square Inches
  • Weight: 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) excluding ancillaries
  • Gross Weight: 4.1 lb (1.85 kg)

Unmatched Durability – MPOWER Diamond Benchstone Guarantee

Our SB2 Bench Stone Plates are constructed to endure the toughest conditions and come with a hassle-free, 10-Year Guarantee. This is over twice the industry standard! Even after years of regular use, MPOWER offers free replacement Diamond Plates with free shipping within the 48 contiguous states.

Complete Sharpening Solution

Ranked as the second most comprehensive sharpening package globally, the SB2 combines multiple essential elements for proper tool sharpening. Whether you’re sharpening a ¼” bevel edge chisel or a plane iron, the SB2 will have you covered. It’s stored in a robust, custom-built canvas storage case, ensuring all components are organized and protected.

What’s Included with the SB2:

  • Two grades of diamond surface across three models (A 300 > 1200#, B 600 > 1200#, C 300 > 600#)
  • Magnetic Leather Strop Covers for quick swaps, available in Firm and Soft
  • Polishing Wax in three grades: 1800#, 2500#, and 5000#
  • 30ml Fully synthetic diamond lapping fluid
  • Diamond Stone Cleaning Block
  • Large Lint-Free Cleaning Towel

Ease of Use and Innovation

Forget the hassle of traditional double-sided 8” diamond whetstones. The SB2 is ready on your bench with two sharpening grades, side by side. It features industry-first attributes like replaceable diamond surfaces, built-in Leather Strop Covers, and a unique diamond recess pattern for efficient swarf removal.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Crafted in our UK factory, every SB2 undergoes 11 rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure it meets the highest standards of excellence. This commitment to quality ensures that each SB2 Diamond Sharpening Stone Grit not only meets but exceeds your professional expectations.

Join our Revolution in Tool Maintenance

With the SB2 Double Diamond Sharpening Stone Set – Side By Side, transform how you maintain your cutting tools, ensuring maximum performance and longevity. MPOWER your sharpening with precision and innovation—because when it comes to your tools, we understand that only the best will do.


Sharpen a Wide Range of Tools with the SB2

The versatility of the SB2 extends to sharpening a wide array of cutting tools, encompassing:

  • Bevel-edged chisels of any size.
  • Carving tools.
  • Plane blades or irons.
  • Certain types of turning tools.
  • Scissors.
  • Kitchen knives.
  • Hunting knives.
  • Drilling bits.

Whats So Special About the SB2 Diamond Sharpener.

The “Forever Diamond Stone” offers a comprehensive sharpening solution with the following features:

  • Three SB2 grade options: 300/1200#, 600/1200# or 300/600#.
    Pick the combo that works best for you.
  • Premium Monocrystalline
    We only use premium “ultra durable” monocrystalline diamond for efficient sharpening.
  • Replaceable Diamond Surfaces.
    Cost-effective solution to the built-in obsolescence of regular diamond stones
  • Superior Diamond Plate Flatness
    CNC machining of the sharpening surfaces ensure a stone flatness of +/- 0.00175″, ideal for precise sharpening.
  • 2 Magnetic Real Leather Strop covers.
    Equipped with two “on-board” click-on / click-off, magnetic leather strop covers. Accompanied by corresponding polishing wax for the perfect strop finish.
  • 2 grades of Strop Polishing Wax.
    From 1800, 2500, and 5000 grit, matching the diamond grade SB2 of your choice for achieving an achingly wicked edge.
  • Tough Canvas Case:
    Keeps your sharpening kit, clean, tidy and all-in-one place.
  • Next Generation Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid
    Includes 30ml of our scientifically formulated (water based) lapping fluid. Specifically designed to Stop Rust, Accelerate Swarf Removal and whilst offering protection for the tool being sharpening and the diamond stone itself.
  • MPOWER 10 Year Bench Stone Guarantee
    Backed by an industry-leading 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.
  • Unique Diamond Recess Pattern
    Features a unique sexy interconnected nonlinear diamond recess pattern for your pleasure also ensuring excellent swarf removal.
  • Precision and Stability
    The base is machined and anodized in aluminium it’s larger in size than the diamond surfaces, providing ground hogging stability during the sharpening process.
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FAQ, Hints & Tips

Bedding In
All new diamond stones from any manufacturer will feel very coarse to the touch regardless of the micron or grit size of the diamond. This is quite normal and after the first couple of times being used, the stone will bed in and the difference in grit can be noted by touch alone. However there’s a grit number on it just to confirm what you thought.

No Pressure
An easy light pressured sharpening stroke is all that is required to gain optimal abrasion rates from any stone in the Diamond Cross range. Excessive pressure is not recommended as it can literally tear the diamond particles from the nickel plated bed.

We recommend using our unique fully synthetic lubricant.

Dangerous Tools
Warning all the tools mentioned in the above text are very dangerous in the hands of the young, inexperienced or untrained. We highly recommend only experienced users attempt to sharpen tools.


Contents & Spares


  • 1 x 8” SB2 Diamond stone (300/1200# | 300/600# or 600/1200#)
  • 2 x Real Leather Strops
  • 2 x Strop Polishing Wax Bars 2.1 oz
  • 1 x 30ml Synthetic Lapping Fluid
  • 1 x Cleaning Block
  • 1 x Storage Case
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


Active Ingredients Content %
amine carboxylate mixture < 0.05
2-Aminoethanol < 0.05
Glycerine < 0.05
Pyridine-2-thiol 1-oxide, sodium salt < 0.05
1,2-propandiol < 0.01


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CarbonBlack (verified owner)

Great sharpening set. Cleaned up my chisels in just a few minutes.