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SBS Triple Diamond Sharpening Stone Set – Side By Side

3 Grades of Diamond Side By Side – “The BIG BOSS of Diamond Sharpening”


3 Grades of Diamond, 3 Leather Strops, 3 Polishing Compounds and a Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid all stored in a tough canvas case. A complete Diamond Stone Set that will let you create the ultimate sharpening workspace. The SBS Triple Diamond Stone utilizes the best of MPOWER’s freehand diamond technology.

Enhanced Sharpening Performance

Take your six-stage sharpening journey across three grades of the most resilient monocrystalline diamond surfaces finishing your edge to perfection on three genuine leather strops, each complemented by a complimentary grade of polishing wax. Achieve unparalleled results with our comprehensive Diamond Sharpener meticulously designed for those who demand the best in tool care knowing what that means to their craftsmanship.

Built to Last: Durability and Guarantee

The SBS Triple Diamond Sharpening Stone Set is not only superior in performance but also in durability. Its proudly backed by our 10-Year Guarantee.


Introducing the SBS Triple Diamond Sharpening Stone Set: The Ultimate Sharpening Solution

Discover the world’s most comprehensive diamond sharpening stone set: the SBS Triple Diamond. Known as “The BIG BOSS,” this set promises a lifetime of peak performance for all your sharpening needs.

Unmatched Diamond Durability and Longevity

Our revolutionary Side By Side (SBS) diamond sharpening stone set is designed to last forever. Instead of discarding an expensive tool due to wear, MPOWER’s unique manufacturing allows for easy and cost-effective replacement of the diamond surface by the owner.

SBS Diamond Stone Specifications

    • Overall Size: 8 x 12 inches
    • Sharpening Surface: 3x 8 x 2.75 inches
    • Total Diamond Surface: 66 square inches
    • Weight: 4 lbs (excluding accessories)
    • Gross Weight: 5.5 lbs

10-Year Bench Stone Guarantee

Our new SBS Bench Stone Plates are incredibly tough, covered by a 10-year “no quibble” guarantee—doubling the industry standard. Even if damage occurs from years of regular use, MPOWER will provide FREE replacement diamond plates and FREE shipping within the 48 contiguous states.

Complete Diamond Sharpening Experience

The SBS has been meticulously developed over four years and represents the most complete sharpening package available globally. Properly sharpening tools, whether a ¼” bevel edge chisel or a plane iron, involves essential elements all included within the convenient SBS canvas carry/storage case.

Set Contents:

  • A high tolerance, machined single platform with three grades of Diamond Stone: 300#, 600#, and 1200#
  • Three magnetic leather strop covers—two different leathers, firm and soft
  • Three uniquely formulated grades of Polishing Wax: 1800#, 2500#, and 5000#
  • A 30ml bottle of fully synthetic diamond lapping fluid
  • Diamond Stone Cleaning Block
  • All housed in a bespoke, tough Canvas Storage Case

Ease of Use: Sharpening Simplicity

Compared to traditional double-sided 8″ diamond stones, the SBS is ready on your bench, instantly offering three grades of diamond for sharpening. It also features three leather-topped magnetic protective covers in two grades of leather—firm and soft—enabling three-grade sharpening followed by three strop finishing without moving from your work.

Innovation in Sharpening Technology

The SBS is the first 3-grade 8″ diamond sharpening stone to include easily replaceable surfaces, built-in leather strop covers, a non-linear diamond recess pattern for superior swarf removal, and a base larger than the diamond surface for improved stability.

Stropping Versus Waterstones

While many debates exist over the best sharpening methods, our decision to include a stropping option focuses on convenience, cost, space efficiency, and cleanliness. Regular maintenance of waterstones, which requires additional equipment and messy storage, does not compare to the streamlined and tidy process offered by our strop system.

Craftsmanship and Quality Assurance

Made in our UK factory in Salisbury, Wiltshire, each SBS undergoes 11 different quality assurance tests, ensuring that every stone meets the highest standards.


Discover the Versatility of the SBS Set

Sharpen, Strop, Polish those Essential Woodworking Tools – from Chisels to Drill Bits 

Let the SBS Diamond Sharpening Stone Set breathe new life into your woodworking and sharpening endeavors. With this versatile kit, you can sharpen, strop, and polish a wide range of cutting tools, including:-

  1. Any size of bevel-edged chisel
  2. Carving tools
  3. Plane blades or irons
  4. Select types of turning tools
  5. Scissors
  6. Kitchen knives
  7. Hunting knives
  8. Drilling bits.
  • 3 Diamond Grades. 300, 600 & 1200 Grit
  • Premium Monocrystalline Diamond
  • “Forever Diamond Stone” features replaceable diamond surfaces.
  • +/- 0.00175” stone flatness created by CNC machining the core surface for incredibly flat sharpening.
  • 3 “On board” Click-on, Click-off, magnetic real leather strop covers with 2 different leathers, Firm and Soft.
  • 3 grades of Polishing Wax 1800, 2500 & 5000 Grit.
  • Bespoke tough carry and storage case.
  • 30ml Fully Synthetic Lapping Fluid.
  • Industry leading 10 Year Guarantee.
  • Unique inter connected nonlinear diamond recess pattern for excellent swarf removal.
  • A massive base machined and anodised in aluminium. Larger in size than the diamond surface for “improved stability”.
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FAQ, Hints & Tips
  • Always use MPOWER Lapping Fluid to lubricate & protect.
  • Do Not use exessive force when sharpening.
  • Regularly clean your Diamond Stone during use.
  • Clean and protect your Diamond Stone after use.
Contents & Spares


  • Side by Side Diamond Sharpening Stone
  • 3 x Monocrystalline Diamond surfaces
    300#, 600# & 1200#
  • 3 x Abrasive Wax Sticks
    1800# Orange, 2500# White & 5000# Blue
  • 2 x Finishing Real Leather Strop
  • 1 x Fine Finishing Real Leather Strop
  • 30ml Sythetic Lapping Fluid
  • Cleaning Block
  • Fitted Storage Case
  • Instruction Manual


Active Ingredients Content %
amine carboxylate mixture < 0.05
2-Aminoethanol < 0.05
Glycerine < 0.05
Pyridine-2-thiol 1-oxide, sodium salt < 0.01
1,2-propandiol < 0.01


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Customer Reviews

Stephen W. Blann (verified owner)

Very solidly built, and easy to use. When sharpening isn’t convenient, it doesn’t always get done. This solves that problem with style.

Robert (PopPop) Walker (verified owner)

Sharpened several chisels but have not done a plane blade yet. So far, very satisfied. I have always used water stones but the diamond stones seem to be much better.
Bottom line – I’m very happy with my SBS sharpening station.
Thanks, MPower

Bobbie Boykin (verified owner)

made easy work to polish and sharpen my new chisels. .Thanks