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Vacuum Clamp Pressure Activated Ball Valves

Customise your own Vacuum Bed


Mach Valves are pressure-activated ball valves used in the Mach family of vacuum hold-down work beds.
They can also be bought separately to expand the clamping area of the system through bespoke adaptation.


Ball Valve Assembly
The ball valve assembly consists of a chromium ball bearing, tapered return spring, cir-clip and housing body.

The return spring holds the ball bearing up flush against the tapered breach in the neck of the housing.
This represents the ‘closed’ position of the valve with no airflow possible.

By applying downward pressure on the counter-sprung ball bearing, contact between it and the tapered breach in the housing neck is broken, opening the valve to airflow. When placed in the centre of a vacuum cell of rubberised gasket material downward pressure from the workpiece opens the valve and a vacuum seal is formed holding it securely in place.


Modular Vacuum Work Bed Expansion
At MPOWER we know that the person who best understands the specific requirements for any vacuum clamping bed or vacuum jig in your workshop is you.
With this in mind we have provided the Mach Valve Kits to allow you to tailor the design and layout of your workshop vacuum clamping system to suit your individual needs.

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10x Pressure Activated Vacuum Ball Valves

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