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M.Power Perfect Butt Profile Scriber – Review

If there ever was a tool with a catchy name…
There are a couple of ways to scribe something. Most people seem to use dividers, but we gave those up years ago in favor of any little scrap of wood that’s handy. M.Power has a new method and it’s a really clever idea. Best of all, it’s called the “Perfect Butt,” so we can’t wait to see what kind of perverts google sends our way after posting this one up. M.Power sent us a sample so we could check out the item ourselves.

So the tool consists of a few parts. The centerpiece is a metal sheath that houses a pencil. The pencil is pressured by a spring, so the sharpened end sticks out of one end, but just a little. At that end of the sheath is a ring that is a certain distance from the point of the pencil. To scribe that distance, coordinate your wood and run the pencil sheath along the scribed edge. BOOM! perfect scribe. It’s like a real controlled version of spacing the scribe with two fingers (we know you’ve done it). The kit also comes with a series of rings, each larger than the last, which pop on the sheath and allow you to scribe at other distances. Like we said, it’s all very clever.

We used it a bunch on our shelving project and the results were great. The process is sped up tremendously because you can stop worrying about your scribes going out of parallel. Because the M.Power runs on a circle, the pencil point is always going to be in the correct position.

But it’s not perfect for all occasions. It doesn’t have the ability to really get into the details if, say, you’re scribing something to a rock and you need it to hug every contour. But still, the M.Power can get you close enough so that your final scribe will be dead on.
We see this as being one of those tools that’s good for the DIYer (who might only scribe a few things a year) as well as the carpenter (who is always looking for a more efficient way of operating).

The Perfect Butt costs about $25 (which is pretty good for a perfect butt). The only bummer is that it doesn’t come with any kind of pouch or case. With so many parts, we think some sort of container would have been nice. The scribing wheels also don’t have measurements on them, which is a little annoying too. But even with those small drawbacks, it’s definitely an item worth having in the repertoire.