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CRB7 Universal Router Edge Guide

Improve Control – Simple Set Up


Purchasing the CRB7 Universal Router Edge Guide along with the CRB7 Combination Router Base brings its impressive total to 8 key functions.
The CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit is simpler to set up than a traditional edge guide. It has a greater depth of range so that grooves and dado’s are possible to route up to 7.1/2″in from the board edge. The edge guide can be fitted in 3 different locations on the CRB’s base plate for a wide variety of tasks and with fixing points in the face of the edge guide, a protective face piece can be fitted for protection whilst edge moulding.

The CRB7 fits over 650 different makes and models of router, check the compatibility chart on the CRB7 page 


1. Improved control when grooving in-board with a router.
One of the most common accessories to the standard woodworking router is the Parallel Edge Guide. The usual design of Edge guide is large, cumbersome, time consuming to set up and has a disappointingly small range to penetrate in-board from the edge. Many router users prefer not to take the time to set up an edge guide on their router but rather go to the trouble of using a clamp guide. However the CRB7 Edge Guide is a considerable time saver when batch routing many boards with the same dado or groove dimensions.

2. Micro Adjust the edge profile when edge molding.
There are 2 popular methods of edge molding decorative profiles with a router. The first is to buy a tracer bearing cutter that is fitted with a ball race. The ball race runs along the edge of the board, guiding the cutter. The profile of the molding is then determined by altering the depth of the cutter and by changing the size of the cutters ball race. The shortcomings of this method are that debris trapped between the ball race and board edge alters the molding profile – the other downside is that the adjustment to the profile is stepped so for those wishing for fine adjustment to the molding profile the next option may be a better process. Edge profiling with an Edge Guide gives better control having a large fence to board edge contact area aiding stability. The CRB7 Edge Guide has 2 x fixing points to mount a false guide facepiece. This is ideal for Edge molding as the cutter can be back cut into ablative facepiece; Keeping the maximum contact area either side of the cutter and just exposing a variable amount of the cutters profile to the edge of the workpiece.


Solid ABS
The CRB7’s Edge Guide can be fitted and set up in seconds for deep range grooving and dado-ing to molding edge profiles.

3 Different Fitting locations
Depending on the task required the Edge Guide can be fixed in 3 different positions to CRBs baseplate via 2 brass threaded inserts mounted in the Edge guide bar.

Fixing points for a false or ablative facepiece
A further 2 threaded inserts are located in the face of the edge guide allowing an ablative (sacrificial) facepiece to be fitted. This facepiece prevents damage to the edge guide with the back of the router cutter when edge moulding.


Routing a parallel to edge groove or channel.
Traditionally a routers edge guide or side fence is large, cumbersome, time consuming to set up and has a disappointingly small range for dado-ing/trenching in from the edge of the board. In contrast the CRB7 edge guide is breathtakingly simple, quick to fit and has a much greater range, getting deeper in from the edge of the board 0 > 7.1/2″ (0 > 190mm).
The new edge guide also benefits from the accuracy of the CRB7’s micro adjuster which controls the distance between cutter and the edge of the board.

Edge moulding with an Edge Guide.
Either copying an existing architectural moulding on a kick board/skirting board or putting the finishing touches to a piece of furniture. Edge moulding is an essential task in most woodworking projects in everything but rough stud work, framing and perhaps woodturning.
The CRB7 fitted with an Edge guide is one of the simplest set ups with which to perform a quick and easily repeatable edge mould. The CRB’s Micro Adjuster precisely controls how much of the cutter is presented to the board edge to be moulded and with the false facepieces fitted the cutter is couched into the edge guide to create a seamless support either side of the cutter. Keeping the routing pass smooth and reducing the chance of burn marks and deviations in the moulding.



The Edge Guide Side Fence Kit is compatible with all versions of the CRB7 Combination Router Base (mk1, mk2 & mk3)

FAQ, Hints & Tips

To improve the process of deep range dado-ing, still further fit the CRB7’s 2″ offset bridge handle. This locates the operators guiding hand almost directly over the board edge; smoothing out the routing pass and removing the chance of racking/juddering between the Edge guide and router.

Contents & Spares


Main Unit
1 x Fence Assembly(40052)
1 x Fence v3 (50291)
1 x Sight Line Sticker (50280)

Accessory Internal Pack (40075)
2 x M4 x 10 Machine Screw (50027)
2 x M4 x 20 Machine Screw (50067)

1 x Instruction Manual v2

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Rick Dafler (verified owner)

Easy to order, arrived very quickly. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it but looks like it will work great. Thsnks

Dana W – Rockler

works great