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Diamond Cross Twin Handle File 300/600#

Two Handed Sharpening Control


The fundamental issue when sharpening larger blades E.g. shears or mower blades is maintaining a consistent contact at the correct angle along the entire length of the blade. Inspired by the traditional spoke shave, the Diamond Cross Twin Handle File has been developed to enable the user to employ both hands when sharpening.
Using both hands provides superior control over the pitch or angle of the file and has obvious advantages over its single handled counterpart. The Twin handled file really does make the task of sharpening larger blades much easier. It’s another case of why hasn’t this been done before & once you’ve had one in your hands we’re sure you’ll agree.


Twin Handles
A handle at each end of the file is not exactly rocket science but for the simple task of sharpening and working on larger blades, it’s a definite step forward.

A Choice of 2 x Sets of Grades 100/300# Or 300/600#
Bigger blades tend to have a tougher life. Many are never sharpened. So it could be the first time that your axe or mower blade is even considered worthy of your attention.
100/300# Combo: The 100# is extra course and has the highest abrasion rate helping to remove blade nicks more quickly with the 300# preparing or even finishing the blade edge of a mower.
300/600# Combo: The 300# would prepare an Axe or Shears edge; Allowing the 600# to hone and finish it.

Double Sided
We decided very early on that it made no sense to manufacture single sided diamond stones. The cost of the Stainless steel remains the same for a single or double sided. So let’s double its usefulness.
Extra Coarse – 140Micron or 100#: Used for fast stock removal.
Coarse – 50Micron or 300#: Ideal for the preparation of the edge.
Fine – 25Micron or 600#: Used for honing a primary edge.

Solid 1/16” Thick Anti Rust Stainless Steel Core
The majority of diamond stones on the market are manufactured in steel. However our desire to produce the best quality diamond stones we could, meant we upgraded to stainless steel – the superior “non rusting” option for the Diamond Cross range of stones.

Quality Assured
The DC Twin Handle File is assembled and thoroughly inspected by our guys in the UK to ensure every diamond file is perfect before it reaches you.

3 Year Guarantee
If any more confidence were needed to trust an M.POWER Diamond Cross sharpening stone we’ve covered every one of our stones with a “no quibble” 3 year extended guarantee.

Diamond Cross Patterned Recess
The “Design registered” DC embossed patterned recesses provides the perfect balance between the ultra hardwearing diamond coverage and anti clog properties of the pattern.

In Surface Grit Indicator
All Diamond Cross sharpening stones are double sided, and to let you know which side you’re on. Each side of the stone has a large embedded number that indicates the grade of the plate side.


Until the introduction of the DC Twin handle file, no sharpening stone had been specifically developed for accurately working on larger bladed tools, mainly used in the garden.

Splitting Axe
Strangely this is one tool that you can muscle past the fact that it might not have a decent edge. But try using an axe that has had 10 minutes spent on the blade edge and its 10 minutes that’s well worth spending.

Smaller than a regular axe, working with a sharp edged hatchet is no less important than it’s big brother. Sharpened in the same fashion as the larger axe head, the twin handle file offers the easiest option to regain an edge quickly.

Edge Trimmers
Like a giant pair of gardening scissors on end, my edge trimmers were next to useless. Firstly I had to soak and scrub years of grassy build up off the blades before I could even locate the bevel on the blade edge. After that it was only 5 minutes before they were as good as new. Actually it took longer to clean them than to sharpen them.

As the smallest of the cutting or pruning tools in the garden by definition secateurs take the least time to sharpen. Although ours were straight out of the packet, a quick hone made a noticeable difference to the cutting edge. It also proves the manufacturers didn’t have the time or inclination to hone them as a part of the deal.

My shears were the first garden tool to get the attention of my DC twin handled file. It took two or three minutes to get the hang of the sharpening stroke and about the same time again to transform my blunt shears into ones that could really cut the mustard! Armed with a full set of DC sharpening stones, I’m almost addicted to finding different stuff to bring back to life.

Although treated as a quaint antique by most folk, there are those who claim the rhythmical stroke of the scythe is of therapeutic benefit. Apparently a sharp scythe used properly positively glides through long grasses with little effort. Although I have yet to experience this myself.

How much do I know, when a friend suggested that an edge on a spade was essential, I was inclined to be dismissive but no, I was wrong again. According to experienced gardeners a sharp edge gives crisp shape edges to your lawn and also helps to chop through roots etc when clearing ground and preparing beds for seeding.

FAQ, Hints & Tips

Bedding In
All new diamond stones feel very coarse to the touch regardless of the micron or grit size of the diamond used. This is a result of the plating process and is quite normal. After the first couple of times being used. The stone will bed in and the difference in grit will become more apparent.

No Pressure
Guilty as charged, I have always used too much pressure when sharpening on Diamond stones. It is absolutely the case that an easy light pressured sharpening stroke is all that is required to gain optimal performance from any of the Diamond stones. To use too much pressure can tear the diamond particles from the nickel bed – compromising the performance of the diamond stone and reducing its serviceable life dramatically.

Again it’s really down to personal preference as Diamond Cross sharpening stones can be used dry. We do recommend using a lubricant. Water works well or a purpose design lapping fluid but really it’s down to personal choice.

Dangerous Tools
Warning by the very nature of the tools being sharpened i.e they are ALL designed to cut something. They can be, in the wrong hands, very dangerous especially for the young, inexperienced or untrained. We highly recommend only experienced users attempt to sharpen tools.

Contents & Spares

Main Unit
1 x Twin Handle File Assembly (40070)
2 x Diamond Cross Handle 2-Part (50266)
4 x Diamond Cross Handle Screw (50116)
4 x Diamond Cross Handle Nut (50115)

1 x Instruction Manual v2 – VIEW

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