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FASTTRACK Preparation 220# DC Stone

220# Grade Diamond Stone


FASTTRACK Preparation Diamond Stone is supplied as standard with every FASTTRACK Chisel sharpener & FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener.
At 220#Grade it’s designed to remove material quickly to prepare your edge ready to finish. The results of the rigorous performance tests, prove that MPOWER’s ‘’Diamond Cross’ patterned diamond stones, provide superior rates of sustained abrasion, achieved across all 5 grades of stone.


1. Sharpening chisels and plane blades
The New Diamond Cross stones and Precision Sharpening System are a formidable combination in the battle against blunt tools. Traditionally sharpening chisels and plane blades was a messy business. Usually involving an arkansas oilstone or Japanese waterstone, a lubricant – oil or water, some cloths to clean up the mess afterwards and not forgetting a considerable level of skill; to hold and maintain the contact angle between blade and stone.
Once a descent primary angle has been established the PSS is ideal for creating and re-touching blade edges. The tidy up afterwards is almost nonexistent as the Diamond cross stones can be used dry if preferred. Most important is that the tool is sharp when undertaking a task. A blunt edge is a very dangerous condition to use a tool and even if injury is avoided; the resulting finish is never crisp and ‘’professional’’ looking. The PSS allied with the New Diamond Cross stones is probably the fastest way to safely create and maintain a good sharp edge.

2. Wire removal from the back of a chisel or plane blade
Any successful tool sharpening process will result in a wire or burr forming on the back or flat of a blade. It’s important to remove this wire during (between diamond grades) and finishing the sharpening process. This can be easily done using a Diamond Cross 1000 grade stone wiped flat across the back of the blade.

3. Sharpening TCT router cutters
Router Cutters like any other woodworking blade need regular sharpening and maintenance. The Diamond Cross Stone is the perfect size to work in between the flat of the TCT blade and the anti chip body of the cutter.
Due to the speed at which the router cutter runs – between 14,000 and 22,000 RPM. Residues and dirt build-up on the cutting surface of the cutter further blunting the blade edge and increasing the chance of leaving burn marks on the molded edge being worked on. A common lubricant such as engineers cutting fluid or even an aerosol oil such as WD40 can easily remove build up on the router cutter prior to sharpening


Unique surface pattern
With all diamond sharpening stones pasting can occur. This is where a mixture of debris from the sharpening process mix with dirt to clog the diamond stone surface which reduces the abrasion rate of the stone. This occurs more on a continuous coated diamond surface stone as there is nowhere for the this spent material to go. The diamond cross pattern provides specifically designed relief recesses where the waste material is forced during sharpening thus reducing the pasting effect and reducing the need to frequently clean.

Increased size
The new stones are larger than the originals with an increased sharpening surface area of just over 10%. That means more abrasion, quicker sharpening and better results. Size: 3 x 1” (76 x 25mm)

Finger recessed backing plates
The backing plates are now recessed at both ends to make it easier and quicker to remove from the diamond stone from the PSS carriage when changing over to a different diamond grit. The same backing plate colour to grit coding has been maintained as before.

Diamond grade indication
So there’s no confusion as to what colour of backing plate refers to what grade of diamond. The grade or grit size is clearly relief etched on the top surface at one end of the new stones. So it’s always clear which grade of stone is in your hand.


Fits FASTTRACK MK1 Chisel Sharpener
Fits FASTTRACK Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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