24 Oct 2017

The MHLF featured in Contractor Supply product carousel blog

M. Power CRB7-MHLF Mortise, Hinge, Lock and Flute Accessory

Now, cutting mortises, hinge or lock rebates or edge guide work is safer, quicker and more accurate than before. The CRB already greatly increases “on surface” routing stability, but combined with the new MHLF retro fit accessory, the solution to the serious issue of controlled cutter access into the edge of a board from above has arrived.


  • Work mortise length with uninterrupted on-board “Sight lines”
  • Cut centred and off centred mortises.
  • Cut hinge and lock rebates.
  • Repeat cut sets of flutes.
  • Edge molding
  • Parallel to edge groove or channelling.


  • Quick to fit and easy to set up.
  • Creates genuine stability when routing into an edge.
  • Twin micro adjustable quick lock jaws.
  • Highly adjustable range of stock widths from 1/2″ > 7″ wide.
  • Mounting points and Fixings inc for auxiliary cheeks.
  • Machined in anodized aluminium and highly durable Nylon.

Learn more at www.m-powertools.com/CRB7-mortise-hinge-and-lock.htm