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Mega Bundle: CRB7 + All Accessories

    Jim A (verified owner)

    After using multiple other products with my 4 routers (Craftsman, Bosch, Makita and Dewalt), I am thrilled to be working with M-Power’s quality equipment and love the versatility of the bundle. Excellent design and stellar customer service. I loved going to them directly instead of through Amazon – better prices and better service! Big thanks to Cynthia for immediately straightening out some order and shipping miscommunications.

    Richard Braden

    The products look top notch & the delivery was timely.

    Mario (verified owner)

    I ordered the CRB7 base with all accessories and my experience with both the product itself and M-Power’s customer service has been excellent. I like that the base comes with different diameter rods so I can use it with both my Bosch MRC23EVSK router and my Makita Palm router. There are several multi function after market bases out there but I like the CRB7’s ability to micro adjust the position of the router. Also by adding a couple of scraps of acrylic (or you could use MDF or Plywood) I have been able to easily connect the CRB7 to my Makita track saw rails enhancing further its capabilities

    Dutch Walters

    After 4 years of use I am still enamored to MK-Powers CRB-7. It is a left brain tool with right brain results. It’s not a daily use device but it’s there when I need it. I have two bases and all of the accessories, I can and do set up multiple applications for use on one board. Example MicroJig table – requires a ¼ cut followed by a 14 deg miter, no change over just swap routers and the base. My shop is better off after using these for so long. Thanks MK-Power!

    Paul (verified owner)

    After doing exhaustive research on similar tools I chose the MPOWER CRB7. I have found it to be an indispensable tool for my woodshop. The build quality is superior to others I have looked into. The amount of tasks that can be performed with this tool are astounding. The micro adjustments and accuracy allow me to fine tune mortises with little to no chiseling. I would recommend this tool to any wood worker that is comfortable and confident using a router.



    paynec (verified owner)

    I haven’t had an opportunity to use the CRB7 Bundle or Kitchen Knife Sharpener that I received today. However, I felt compelled to leave a review about the outstanding customer service received during the ordering process. I found their response to my inquiries to be prompt and extremely helpful. I don’t have any reservations recommending MPower Tools and their phenomenal customer service. After inspecting my tools, I totally expect them to perform as or better than advertised. I will update or submit another review in a few weeks after using the CRB7.

    Krishna Amadous (verified owner)

    It is not every day one comes across products that one can be proud to possess, having said that it is even more rare to find one that can be handed down the generation…This is one such Kit, that I am proud to possess…Thank You Cynthis for all Your Help and God Bless Everyone at M-Power Family…!!!




    Great service fast shipping, recommended seller. 5***** service


    High quality products and a very good saving buying the bundle as opposed to the individual items. Great customer service from Mia.

    Rodney (verified owner)

    Outstanding service!

    RA (verified owner)

    Very good quality product with multiple features, and flexibility to fit even my small Dewalt trim router.

    Andy Bowler – M POWER UK

    A good quality and very versatile piece of equipment. Instructions are well laid out and easy to understand. It massively enhances the ease of use for router bases that have no micro-adjustment and the mega bundle also replaces the need to purchase a number of manufacturer optional accessories. The additional stability is also a vast improvement for smaller router bases such as the Makita cordless trim router plunge base.
    You obviously get to use the one unit for multiple router brands – typically not the case for manufacturer-specific accessories. This makes it far more future-proof.
    The only minor issue I have is that the design of the micro-adjustment mechanism assumes that the router base will clamp the 2 guide rods independently, allowing the adjuster guide rod to be clamped while the fixed guide rod is unclamped. Mostly, this is the case, but not always.
    For example, Festool decided to have a single knob on the OF1400 router to clamp both guide rods at the same time as a convenience, not thinking of micro-adjustment bases. Neither the CRB7 nor the OF1400 are wrong, they’re just different approaches.
    As there is no CRB7 bridge with an option for both rods to have micro-adjusters (probably not viable commercially), in order to retain the valuable micro-adjustment capability of the CRB7, I adopted the following simple procedure.
    1. Set the router bit a little close to the bridge end of the CRB7 base and then lock both rods with the single Festool clamping knob.
    2. Slacken off the outer fixed guide rod locking nut of the Mpower base to get around 1/4″ of play.
    3. Adjust the micro-adjuster to get the exact positioning of the router bit then unlock the Festool knob
    4. Slide the fixed guide rod back against the bridge and lock everything back up. Recheck and I’m typically fine, but you can repeat if necessary.
    I might look into getting a longer bolt, as used on the adjuster rod side, to use on the fixed guide rod side for greater adjustment in one go.
    It takes longer to describe the procedure than to perform it, so it doesn’t detract from the usefulness of the base now I’m used to it.
    One improvement I would make is to supply not only 7mm and 10mm extension bars, but an 8mm set as well, as I’ve found router bases seem to standardise on 8mm rods and although the CRB7 has the ability to run up against a clamp guide, I prefer to use track rail guides where possible. Using 8mm extension rods with a Festool 492601 FS-OF1400 Guide rail adapter would let me lock the CRB7 base to a Festool guide rail. I wouldn’t even need a Festool router – just the rail and rail adapter.

    Brian Yablonski – Infinity

    Great Product

    Aayalan – Via Amazon

    Its Good

    Jonathan Smith

    One can easily make a suitable jig from MSG and a few – This is quite expensive because it is well made but has quite limited use, one can easily make a suitable jig from MSG and a few screws. I thought it would hook onto my trend varijig but it doesn’t.

    Gary P. – Via Amazon

    Good Idea – This has got to be one of the most useful router attachments I have ever bought. I now am able to use my router in lots of new and different ways.

    Douglas B – Via Rockler

    Well made good add on – This a five accessory. I want to buy the other accessories that are available

    Peter J – Via Rockler

    A very versatile accessory – I have had mine for several years, use it for a variety of tasks. Bought one for my son in-law who’s getting into the hobby.

    Luis O – Via Rockler

    Recommended – I love it, it works. I highly recommend it.

    Dale M – Via Rockler

    nice piece of hardware – It will bring life to an old large plunge router.

    whr – Via Rockler

    great tool

    Dutch – Via Rockler

    Best thing since sliced…. – have four Bosch routers, found their guide adequate but with short comings. took a look at this unit and it is an absolutely great upgrade. the fact that it is capable of multiple chores and is built with precision should not get in the way of it just being fun to work with. added the edge trim guide and spent the afternoon finding out what it was capable of. I’m happy as a clam.

    Jim – Via Rockler

    Works well – It works as advertised and is easy to use.

    Scott B – Via Rockler

    Excellent Product – Definitely makes numerous jobs more easy

    Bernard Charron – Hartville Tool

    very useful tool

    Patrick Leleux – M POWER

    Really helpful, how could I do without it?

    Dutch Walters – Rockler

    Great Tool – Fits the current Bosch 1617 Plunge as well as the 1hp and 1.1/4hp Bosch Colt Plunge

    Alistair Lodsman – Timbecon

    Good Versatile Tool

    Jon C – Infinity Cutting Tools

    “Love it!”