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Strop Polishing Wax

1800, 2500 & 5000# – WAX ON…. STROP OFF…


MPOWER’s Wax Bars are unique to us.
The 3 Grades* are formulated and matched to the 3 different grades of our NEW Diamond Stone Range.

300# Diamond Stone = 1800# Wax Stick  – Orange
600# Diamond Stone = 2500# Wax Stick – White
1200# Diamond Stone = 5000# Wax Stick – Blue


In the last 5 years MPOWER has added a leather strop as an accessory to our FASTTRACK chisel sharpener.
We also included one on the back of our Knife Sharpener.
Both easily removed the wire and seemed to finish the blade edge well enough.

Having received feedback from a couple of  customers questioning why we didn’t either recommend using an abrasive wax stick or simply supply them, we decided to investigate further, testing every conceivable colour, grade and quality of wax abrasive stick available on both our knife sharpener and chisel sharpener.
Although we can’t offer an accurate percentage based improvement on sharpness of a blade edge; as it’s not easy to measure that…..
We can say in unequivocal terms, that these wax sticks “appreciably improve the quality and fineness of the blade edge AKA they “Freekin work big time”
When I first tried our wax stick on the Knife sharpener, “Stunning!!” was the only word that came to mind as to just how much sharper the Knife edges had become.
That’s why we’re supplying ALL our NEW 8” Freestyle Stones with “On board” magnetic leather strop covers” and one of the 3 different grades of our Wax Bars matched according to the grade of Diamond Stone supplied.

So much has been written and argued over the various benefits of different sharpening methods.
A favourite topic debated is “What’s the best way to finish a freshly ground tool blade edge.”
There appears to be 2 camps, fans of the Japanese Waterstones; who do indeed create an edge fit for surgery versus the fans of the Leather Strop and Wax Stick.
Who as far as we could see, produced equally fine blade edges.
So what was the decider, What brought us down firmly in stropping camp.
The reasons were many but the main thing was how much less mess was made and how quick and convenient stropping was over Waterstones.
No maintenance required, No water, No containers, No Lapping Stones needed just and that’s just for storage and flattening.



Our Wax Bars are made up in the most part of different grades and particulate sizes of Aluminium Oxide.
This highly abrasive material is then rubbed onto and  bedded into a compliant medium in our case a Cow Hyde leather strop.
When the freshly ground blade edge is wiped across the charged strop, the blade material being much harder than the wax abrasive particulates.
Breaks the particles down and in the process microscopically  abrades and polishes the blade edge.
Resulting in a superior finer, longer lasting edge.


MPOWER’s Wax Bars are unique to us.

The 3 grades* are formulated and matched to the 3 different  grades of our NEW Freestyle Diamond Stone Range.
300# Diamond Stone = 1800# Wax Stick  – Orange
600# Diamond Stone = 2500# Wax Stick – White
1200# Diamond Stone = 5000# Wax Stick – Blue
*Particulate sizes are approximate

Wax Bar Weight: 2.1oz / 60g


MPOWER’s Strop Polishing Wax can be used in any application where a traditional Polishing Wax is required.
Be it on a Bench mounted buffing wheel when re-polishing in the restoration of old tools or for use with a Dremmel and a Cotton Buff for intricate polishing of detailed jewellery.
But in the main the 3 Abrasive grades we offer  – 1800# – 2500# and 5000# are ones designed for use with harder materials such as Tool Steel, High Speed Steel, Stainless steel and Silver
As for the task, for us it’s all about what the wax can do when strop polishing newly ground chisels, Plane Irons and knives.
And a stellar finish when you start using it!

Over the last 5 years we’ve designed, developed and manufacture “On Board” leather strops for both the FASTTRACK Chisel sharpener and the FASTTRACK Kitchen Knife. We were primarily interested in stropping as the best and quickest way to remove the wire burr that forms as a result of the sharpening process.
We weren’t prepared for the outstanding improvements in the quality and finish of the edge itself.
MPOWER prides itself on offering ONLY unique products solely designed and developed by us for you. We didn’t invent this Wax Strop application, but we’d be crazy to ignore it and we’d be denying our customers the easiest way to improve every edge you’ve ever sharpened!

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