New – Point 2 Point Mk2 – Instruction Manual download


Please read and understand the following instructions before use.


Multi Point Layout:

The Point 2 Point™ has been designed to offer an instant visual guide during layout tasks. Ideal when working out the positions of screws, dowels, pins or alternatively shirt buttons, curtain pleats and much more.

Center Finder:

Find the center point of a board quickly, indicated by the Point 2 Point’s Central Upright.

Strip Calculator:

The Point 2 Point™ can also indicate the maximum number of strips that can be cut from a board.


A 14 x Upright Cut Outs
B 7 x Uprights
B1 Central Upright
C 5 x Struts
D 2 x Pinch Bolts
E 2 x Short Struts



It’s recommended that where possible the Point 2 Point™ is used on a flat surface.

The Point 2 Point™ is designed for both left and right handed users. To correctly orientate the Point 2 Point™, ensure that the right angle cut out on the uprights face the hand you write with.

Before use ensure that both Pinch Bolts are loose. (Fig 2)


  • Mark the two outer positions of the area to be sub-divided.
  • Expand the Point 2 Point™ mechanism past the outer markings.
  • Gently compress the mechanism down to the required size.
  • Carefully tighten both Pinch Bolts, ensuring that the “setting” is not disturbed.
  • Mark the divisions indicated by the Upright Cut Outs.


When marking out positions on a larger panel. Divide the panel into equal sections of less than 28″ (71cm), then sub divide the sub section with the Point 2 Point™.

Note: When the Point 2 Point™ is set to the chosen size, carefully tighten the Pinch Bolts. This allows the Point 2 Point™ setting to be transferred down the board, or to another workpiece.


  • Expand then contract the Point 2 Point™ mechanism so that the outer marking points are aligned with the outside edge of the area you wish to divide.
  • The center of the board is indicated by the Central Upright “cut out”.


• Expand the Point 2 Point™ across the full width of the board. The mechanism now gives a visual indication of the number and width of strips that can be cut.


Although the accuracy of the Mk2 has been improved, it is not suitable for marking out dovetail, finger or other small, high tolerance joints. This is due to the float within the mechanism.


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