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Customer Service

MPOWER’S ‘In House’ team will respond to your email enquiries within 24 hours.
Email: [email protected]

Posted by: Bob Diehl - USA
You have been wonderful! I truly wish every business provided the amazing level of service you have provided.
Quick Delivery
Posted by: Peter Mathews - USA
You guys are amazing. I placed my on Friday and it showed up on Tuesday. It was a holiday weekend. Thank you, thank you. I can't wait to show off the "Perfect Butt".
Thank You
Posted by: Michael Harcourt-Cooze
I am looking forward to using the CRB7 soon. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your help and concern over this matter. Much appreciated.
Great Service
Posted by: Don - Victoria Canada
Thank you for your great service which is much appreciated. I look forward to using the C3D in my shop and hope to offer my comments in the near future, likely on your website if that's alright.
More Tools Please
Posted by: Laura Davis
I am an upholsterer's daughter, a mathematician, and a woodworking hobbyist. I love the thought behind the design of your tools. I would love to see more.
Unexpected Customer Care
Posted by: Joe Androsac - Ohio USA
Thanks for the quick reply and free replacement of the set of bits, I was not expecting this result.
Satisfied Customer
Posted by: Don Adams - USA
My computer has been down for a few days. I received delivery on Tuesday, it really works great! Thanks so much for your help, and your company policy has gained you one satisfied customer.
Big Thanks
Posted by: Jared Schmidt - South Australia
To everyone at M-Power a big thanks for putting in as much effort into the tools we use as we do into the end product!
Thank You So Much
Posted by: Jeff
Thank you so very much! Your customer service is admirable. I am sure I’ll really enjoy the new stones.
Thank you so very much
Posted by: Janusz - Oz
Thank you very much for your support for me and for the great product. Great Product, Great Company, but most of all Great People
Posted by: Adam - USA
Thank you all for your outstanding customer service!
Thank You
Posted by: Patrick M. Bopray
Thank you for prompt follow up and outstanding customer service
Wow! You are much too kind! I very much appreciate what you are doing for me!
Posted by: Steve Howard - USA
There is a STRONG need for more vendors like M-Power!

Thank you for taking care of this for me.
Posted by: David Watson - USA
I sincerely appreciate your simply lets me know that MPower is a quality company. I look forward to future opportunities to do business with you!
Thank You
Posted by: Dino Kouros - USA
Thank you for all your help and customer service! definitely one of the best I have had experience with 😊👍
Thank you
Posted by: Andrew Knowland - USA
Thank you for a quality product and for standing behind it.
5 stars
Posted by: Michael Hauck
Couldn't be easier to use. - Fasttrack MK2 Bundle
Thank You
Posted by: David Nielson
Thank you for helping me with this small problem. It's such outstanding customer service combined with top notch tools which makes me very happy and a better wood worker. Thanks!