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Norfolk Wood Shop started as a collaboration between James Brooks and Trevor McCarthy. Together they’ve created a place that’s a different kind of art store whose main goal is to provide the tools, supplies, education, and personal connections to help makers step up their game and meet the people who need them and meet other makers for collaboration as well as mixed media art. While Trevor has stepped away, he was the catalyst for this endeavor and I simply wouldn’t have done it without him and I certainly wouldn’t have done it now.

My main goals is to help customers avoid buying the wrong thing. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to go all in for the best of the best or when it’s okay to get the economy item. I still have some tools in my home shop that I’ve never used. We’re going to keep our prices as fair as possible and make woodworking as accessible as we can. Everything in our shop has been carefully curated for exactly these reasons.

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Norfolk WoodShop

5115 Colley Avenue

Norfolk, VA, 23508

Phone: 1-757-276-6099