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Customer Reviews


    Joseph E P – Rockler

    Like it, worked great. Used it to make a slot in a drawer front to attache a drawer pull (hand made)

    Terry Clingan – Rockler

    I have used this for lots. making circles and trimming edge banding is a breeze.
    The best feature is a sweet micro adjust.

    Luis A I – Rockler

    Very convenient – If you do a lot of Mortesing this is the perfect tool

    Peter J – Rockler

    The ultimate in Versatility – Increases the versatilty when cutting mortise slots for loose tenons. Allows you to percisely cut mortise slots vs the centering pins which come with the basic system. As a bonus the fixed guide can be used to replace the optional straight edge sold by M Power as an accessory.

    Craig B – Rockler

    Great addition to the crb7 line – Easy to install, performed as advertised, I would definitely recommend this product

    Bill P – Rockler

    Great tool – This attachment has been a game changer for me. I use to have to make custom jigs for each piece of work. This attachment allows me to make perfect mortises without having to make a jig or use a router table.