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Customer Reviews

CRB7 Universal Edging & Dowel Trim Kit MK3

    Ranedog – Parts Express

    Must have accessory for CBR7 router jig – If you work with plywood and need to do edge banding to cover up the panel ends, the LIPTRI edging adapter kit is BY FAR the best flush trimming set up I have ever used (and there have been many- most frustrating due to small footprint of the router base and narrow edges of the workpiece).This tool eliminates gouging and proud spots caused by the router tilting as well as the burn streaks associated with guide bearings mounted on the router bit.

    Dutch – via Rockler

    CRB7 must have add on with the base unit this brings finish work into the “no sweat” category. this is a very useful addition.


    Great product – Works as good or better than advertised


    Good addition to base product – Used for rabbit edge on woodwork to allow for drywall miss match, worked great and made adjusting the width and depth very easy.

    Frank R.

    Five Stars – Works well, Very pleased

    Dennis O – Infinity Cutting Tools

    Completes the CRB7 – A must to complete the CRB7