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Professional Review
Sador Nagyszalanczy

Combination Router Base CRB7

Most router junkies I known (myself included) aren’t happy unless they have a screaming router in their hands that’s shooting out shavings faster than a pro ballplayer spits chewin’ tobacco. But as useful as these tools are on their own, you’ll get a lot more out of them by using the right accessories. One of the most versatile accessories I’ve used recently is the CRB7 MK3 router base made by M-Power. The CRB7 attaches to your router like a regular edge guide and is designed to fit the majority of routers currently on the market. Its large acrylic baseplate adds stability to the router during regular edge routing, but that’s only the beginning. By attaching a variety of small accessories that come with the CRB7, you can plow adjustably spaced dadoes, rout accurately sized mortises, or cut/shape precise holes, circles and arcs up to 4 feet in diameter. For accuracy, the CRB7 features a nice micro adjuster that makes it easy to tweak settings until they’re dead-on. For even greater versatility, you can purchase an optional edge guide bar, to use for edge-guided routing tasks, or an edge trim kit for flush trimming and edge work. I really like the CRB7’s large Bakelite ball-style handle, which is very comfortable to hold. Overall, the build quality is excellent and features precisely machined steel rods and various brass and hard-anodized aluminium components. It’s a great gift for anyone who owns a router.