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Diamond File Sharpening Bundle



Diamond File Bundle:
This bundle combines our General Purpose Diamond Sharpening Stones + Handy Diamond Stone Holders

1 x Diamond Router Bit Diamond Sharpener
1 x 
Credit Card Diamond Stone
1 x 5 Inch Diamond File
1 x Non Slip Magnetic Diamond Stone Holders



GPS – General Purpose Stone
Denoting its versatility in being able to sharpen a huge array of tools.

Handy Sizes
Brilliant for “on site” in the tool bag or just as at home in the kitchen drawer.

Double Sided 300-600 Grit
Side One Coarse 50Micron 300 grit Diamond grade
For fast stock removal, Ideal for the preparation of the edge.
Side Two Fine 25Micron or 600 grit Diamond grade
For honing a primary edge.

Quality Assured
Every Diamond Stone is assembled and thoroughly inspected at our factory in the UK to ensure it’s 100% perfect prior to reaching our customers worldwide.

3 Year Guarantee
We’re so confident of the build quality of our new range of diamond sharpening stones. That each Diamond Stone is backed by a “no fuss” 3 year guarantee. Once you register your purchase with us this is upgraded to a 5 Year Guarantee,

Bench Mountable – Diamond Stone Holder
Our interlocking, magnetic, Nitrile rubber stone holder safely holds your Credit Card Stone steady on a work surface. It also gives much needed elevation allowing the handles of knives etc to comfortably clear the work surface when sharpening. The Diamond Stone Holders – DSH can also hold a range of other manufacturers Credit Cards and larger solid Bench Diamond Stones.


Kitchen Knives
From a large carving knife to a paring or filleting knife – The Credit Card can cope with all sorts of different sizes and knife styles.

Drill Bits
A lot of people (sadly me included ) treat drill bits as disposable items, they blunt, you throw them away. Its only since being a part of the team that researched and developed the new Diamond Cross range did I discover how easily Drill bits of any size can be brought back to life with a few strokes on a diamond stone.

Craft Knives
The “snap off” blade craft knife is a really useful addition to the tool box however it’s made all the more useful by sharpening and re-sharpening the blade. There’s really no need to snap off an old section of blade. A couple of sharpening strokes on the Credit card stone and it is so much sharper than even a new section of blade.

Our research uncovered the fact that the poor old scissors were treated in the same way as Drill bits and Craft knives. They were disposable. They go blunt and you throw them away. Now having tested the Credit Card Stone over a few months I’ve sharpened every pair of scissors in the house. That’s 2 x pairs of kitchen scissors, Hair cutting scissors and clippers and a pair of office paper scissors. Each pair are now cutting so much better than even new.

Garden Shears
The Credit Card is equally at home sharpening tools in the garden. Again the surprising result of our research is that it simply doesn’t occur to people that their secateurs, hedge clippers, shears and edge trimmers don’t need to be sharpened by professionals.

Saw Blades
Both Tungsten Tipped blades and High speed steel can be sharpened using the Credit Card, however based on personal preference I would recommend using the Router bit sharpener stone. It’s not as wide as the credit card stone so it’s easier to maintain contact with the face of the saw tooth for the full sharpening stroke.

Small Flat Bladed Screw Drivers
Electrical screw drivers need the tip kept square to help prevent damaging the slots in the heads of the screws. Which is an easy task on the Credit card stone; a few sharpening strokes with the tip of the screw held at right angles to the stone surface and the drivers good to go again. (we do suggest using the Diamond stone holder for this operation)

Small Carving Chisels Gouges
Anybody well practiced in the art of hand carving will already have the knowledge and skill set to keep their chisels sharp, probably with a range of different sharpening stones. However the Credit card stone is uniquely stable when used with the Diamond Stone holder. So it’s great for the smallest of gouges. A great stocking filler for the woodworker with almost everything.

FAQ, Hints & Tips

Bedding In
All new Diamond Stones feel very coarse to the touch regardless of the micron or grit size of the Diamond used. This is a result of the plating process and is quite normal. After the first couple of times being used. The stone will bed in and the difference in grit will become more apparent.

No Pressure
Guilty as charged, I have always used too much pressure when sharpening on Diamond Stones. It is absolutely the case that an easy light pressured sharpening stroke is all that is required to gain optimal performance from any of the Diamond stones. To use too much pressure can tear the diamond particles from the nickel bed – compromising the performance of the Diamond Stone and reducing its serviceable life dramatically.

Again it’s really down to personal preference as sharpening stones can be used dry. We do recommend using a lubricant. Water works well or a purpose design lapping fluid but really it’s down to personal choice.

Dangerous Tools
Warning by the very nature of the tools being sharpened i.e they are ALL designed to cut something. They can be, in the wrong hands, very dangerous especially for the young, inexperienced or untrained. We highly recommend only experienced users attempt to sharpen tools.

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Customer Reviews

Cynthia Cardew

Hi Cliff, thanks for purchasing the diamond file sharpening bundle. Please find the following video for demonstrations on how to use the items, it has now also been added to our website.
The video is a few years old, so your stones have a different design but it’s the same technique.
Hope this helps.
Thanks, Cynthia


Does this com with directions on how to use and get the best experience?