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Original Bundle: CRB7 + Edge Trim & Edge Guide

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Original Bundle:
This bundle combines all of the Original CRB7 Products and Accessories
1 x CRB7 Combination Router Base Mk3 (10005)
1 x 
CRB7 Edging & Dowel Trim Kit (10003)
1 x CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit (10001)

The CRB7 Combination Router Base is no ordinary Router Jig. It’s a versatile system that offers excellent control through a multitude of routing operations. The offset, cranked rod design, allows the CRB7 to quickly adjust and fit over 650 models of router. Micro adjustment makes positioning router bit easy with a precise degree of accuracy so you can use an undersized bit to creep up to your desired point incrementally, especially useful when mortising or cutting a dado. Performing 7 functions straight out of the box with an every growing number of accessories, the CRB7 Routing System is fast becoming one of our most popular tools… More Info

The problems of flush trimming hardwood, Iron-on lippings and dowel heads are well documented. Many techniques have been developed and even specialized tools manufactured to try to make this tricky task easier. The CRB7 Edge Trim Kit might just be the simplest and quickest solution to achieving a beautiful fault free finish. Fitted in seconds and simple to set up. Flat-panel flushing tasks can be performed with accurate consistency when making a one-off piece of furniture to batch production manufacture…. More Info

With the addition of the new CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit, the CRB7 gains yet another feature bringing its impressive total to 8 key functions.
The CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit is simpler to set up than a traditional edge guide. It has a greater depth of range so that grooves and dado’s are possible to route up to 7.1/2″in from the board edge. The new edge guide can be fitted in 3 different locations on the CRB’s base plate for a wide variety of tasks and with fixing points in the face of the edge guide, a protective facepiece can be fitted for protection whilst edge molding…  More Info

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