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  1. Tom T – Infinity Cutting Tools

    Great for rapid sharpening
    January 17, 2021 by TomT
    Great sharpener at a reasonable price. Shipping was very prompt at holiday time.

  2. Amy via amazon

    Speedy and effective – well worth the price – 4 star
    Great for chisels and planes!
    Dec 20th 2020

  3. Patrick T. McGuire via Amazon

    The best sharpener for chisels – 5star
    I have tried a variety of other sharpening devices but could never get the bevel of the grind correct. My bevels had a curve in them and I just couldn’t get it right. I was hesitant to buy this because of the cost but am glad I did. I now have chisels with a flat bevel and an edge that is sharp enough to shave edges from a sheet of paper. This is the best investment I have made in a tool. For anyone who is as OCD as I am about the quality of their tools, I heartily recommend this sharpener.
    Jan 31, 2021

  4. Kentower via Amazon

    Performs Well

    Excellent product for those that can’t do free hand.

  5. John C – via Amazon

    This kit is ideal for a part-time woodworker.

    For part-timers like myself who does not have the time or skill to sharpen chisels and plane blades, this chisel sharpening kit is ideal. Once I figured out how to set it up, I sharpened my chisels to be razor sharp. The instructions provided are clear and vey helpful. Just one thing bothers me, the chisels tend to use a narrow band on the stones provided, rather than the entire stone. I just wonder how long the stones will last. I guess time will tell.

  6. Tom Stapleton – Via Josar Supply

    Really good, versatile sharpening for straight cutting edges

    Item arrived new and in unopened packaging, but with broken part (the Center It Clip); the product packaging itself is simply a cardboard box with no cushioning materials. Upon contacting the seller, we both suspect item was bounced a lot during shipping, causing damage to the plastic centering clip. The seller (Josar Supply) offered my choice of return for full refund, or a partial refund to keep the item and work with manufacturer (M-Power) for the replacement part through the no-hassle product warranty. I chose the latter option and submitted request to manufacturer (M-Power Tools in UK); within a few hours, I received confirmation of my warranty submission, and received the replacement part approximately 10days later (extra shipping time due to overseas from UK to USA) – M-Power Tools even sent 2 of the same replacement the event this piece broke again I would have a spare on hand. I am very impressed with the expedited level of service I experienced with the domestic seller and warranty resolution with M-Power, and upgraded my rating to 5 stars as my product purchase is whole and I am extremely satisfied.

    The sharpening system works great for plane irons and chisels.

    I really like that this bundle comes with a durable storage pouch and functionally, contains several stone grits and allows for easy customization of the angle of your blade bevel (4 angle options) with the 180° flip of the sharpening stone or moving it to the opposite side of the carriage.

    Setup is super fast and easy, and replaces larger/messier stones or the clamping of your chisel/blade to a sharpening guide to maintain the tool bevel as you sharpen, and you can also change the bevel angle of your cutting edge using this system – that said, I’m not sure the MK2 completely eliminates EVERY other cutting system out there, especially those that allow for more efficient and aggressive changes to the bevel angle, but even those systems require you go slow to avoid overheating your tool and losing the blade’s tempur.

    Need to tune-up the edge of a chisel as you work?- simple choose the highest grit you sharpen to, pop it into the carriage and lay the back of your chisel flat on the base with the blade edge engaged with the stone carriage, then pass over it 5-6 times with the carriage and you’re back in business within a minute…no locating/securing/clamping/adjusting a bevel guide and then removing the guide before using the chisel again…and no excessive space being taken up by a sharpening wheel/grinder on your bench. Just pick your stone/angle in the carriage, lay the blade down, move back and forth several times and voila. You can imagine the real time savings when doing quick tune up on your entire chisel set before putting away at the end of the day, rather than the time installing/adjusting a bevel guide on each chisel.

    The bundle also comes with a leather strop surface attached to the bottom of the base and a non-slip mat to use on a bench surface in lieu of mounting the base to a board/jig for stationary clamping to a work surface. In the short-term, I plan to use the non-slip mat and to store the carriage/stones in the provided storage pouch until I am able to expand the size of my shop to accommodate more tool space.

  7. Tom Fuchs

    Thank you for your great products and outstandingly service

    Thank you for your great products and outstandingly service. I have the new upgrade kit for the Fasttrack, and it makes a big difference. Please fee free to use this idea. I screwed mine into a wooden dowel and putinto a dog hole, makes it solid as a rock.
    An improvement would be a pin you could remove fron the dowel for storage.

  8. Roger D


    I have never been able to get really sharp chisels. Now I can and it is wonderful, thank you for such a good tool.

  9. Jim S – Woodpeckers

    Very Cool

    Very cool. Got my 3 worst chisels fixed up 30 minutes after opening the box.

  10. Ronald K – through Woodpeckers

    I like it

    I like it

  11. John S – YouTube

    It works great

    Got my system today. It works great. I got an inexpensive block plane from a big box store. The blade was crap. They must use a bad dremel tool to grind the surfaces! Had to use the 100 grit to flatten the back! Got the back fixed and worked my way up to 1000 grit. Took a good half hour to fix the blade. Put the plane back together and tested it. Don’t know how well the edge will hold up, but I got beautiful curls from this cheap plane! Thanks Colin for featuring this sharpening system!

  12. Marcus Eischeid – M POWER Tools

    Very well made

    very well made – quick shipping

  13. Tom Gopin – M POWER

    Nice Tool

    Nice Tool

  14. William Shaffer – Woodpeckers

    Small and Compact

    Small and compact, works extremely well. Thank you

  15. Bernard Charron

    Very Impressed

    Very impressed by the quality of the product and give perfect results