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Customer Reviews


  1. Dan – Via The Grommet

    Sharpen my skills!

    7/20/20 by Dan
    It works just a bit clumsy with it so far.

  2. Jen – Via The Grommet

    Let’s Sharpen Everything!

    6/28/20 by Jen
    My husband can’t stop sharpening things now. He wants all our knives to be able to cut cans. At least he’s happy!

  3. Jerry – Via The Grommet

    Easy and it works!

    5/10/20 by Jerry
    Excellent quality and it works very well.Instructions included are easy to follow. overall thumbs up.

  4. Carolyn – Via The Grommet

    Excellent Product

    Once I got the technique.. and there is one! This sharpener gives a really great edge every-time!

  5. James – Via The Grommet

    Diamond Surface didn’t last

    I used it on some well-loved knives and it did bring back a sharp edge, but the diamond surface is flaking off.

    ***this was a production issue that has since been resolved. Please contact us at [email protected] if the same thing happened to you.

  6. Marian – Via The Grommet

    Love this tool!

    Exceeds expectation. No more trips to the hardware store to get knives sharpened. It just plain works.

  7. Dale Wilson – Ebay UK

    Polished edge razor sharp chef knives in less than 10 mins per knife!!

    Polished edge, razor sharp chef knives in less than 10 mins per knife!! All for less than 55 bucks!! Incredible value and looks fantastic in my knife sharpening regards,

  8. The Budster – Via Amazon

    Esy to use

    This sharpener is very easy to use. It does not give you that perfect blade but it is so easy to use that my wife uses it. The blade comes out very sharp in a minimal amount of time.

  9. Paul – Via The Grommet

    Love it

    The more i use it the more i love it

  10. Victoria – Via The Grommet

    Professional sharpening for amateur hands

    This is one of the best sharpeners I’ve had, hands-down. The magnets inside keep the blade at the perfect angle to ensure you get the best sharpen on your blade. Once you’re done, wipe the blade against the leather back to keep it clean.
    This sharpener is awesome for all my knives too – when I was ‘gifted’ a knife block by a friend, it revitalized the dull blades. All the knives, from pairing knife to butcher knife were restored as though I had gone to a professional.

  11. Doris – Via The Grommet

    Quick and Easy

    This is a good knife sharpener. The initial sharpening of a dull knife will take a little time, but after that, it’s quick and easy. I like it very much, especially since it doesn’t require electricity.

  12. John – Via The Grommet

    OK, but by-hand sharpening on a whetstone is better

    I was hoping for a better sharpening device. This is OK, but not that device.

  13. Stephen Greenfield


    Fast – works great

  14. Martin Sumner-Smith

    Nice Piece

    Nice piece. Takes a little more care to ensure blade is positioned correctly than I expected and when I got quickly I sometime catch the top edge of the sharpening stone.

  15. Ian Lowry – UK

    Great Sharpener

    I came across this knife sharpener when “Stumpy Nubs ” reviewed it on his woodworking YouTube channel in a “Cool Tools” video. Having used it for a week to revive my kitchen knives; i am very impressed with it. Over the years I have struggled with a traditional steel and any number of so-called sharpeners, but usually give up in disgust sooner or later. The Fast Track now takes only three or four passes to maintain a razor sharp edge. I can now cut really thin tomato slices once again! The supplied diamond stone works well for me, but if you want a coarser, or finer, stone, then Trend UK actually stock them.

    Personally ,I really like this sharpener and have finally thrown away all the pretenders.
    Ian Lowry

  16. EBay UK


    Delivery was good, product is excellent

  17. ilow6413 – UK

    Wicked Edge

    Very easy to use and puts a wicked edge on my cooking knives