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Customer Reviews

Flat Lying Trammel Set

    Warren James

    Well made tool, will keep it in the top drawer.

    M O. – Rockler

    well made – quality product. I will use this frequently

    Eric T – Parts Express

    Awesome – Perfect never thought I’d find such a tool, then I stumbled upon this ingenious device.

    Jim – Parts Express

    Big Protractor – good quality, lots of little extras that make it nice. did have to get a good quality ruler!

    W. T. T – Via Rockler

    Just what I was looking for. – Combined with thin metal rules of 18″, 36″, and 48″ I should be able to scribe arcs and circles of any size that I wish in metal or wood.

    Eric Van – Via Woodcraft

    Works Great! – I have not had any issues with this item. It is a great value considering the cost of other products that provide the same function. I have used it many times now on several different lengths of rulers.

    Rob – Via Woodcraft Supply

    Simple easy to use – This works great. Just need to remember that it does not come with the bar. Uses the bar out of your tri-square.

    Peter – Via Amazon

    Seems a sturdy tool. Does the job I bought it for.

    Little Mike – Via Amazon

    Radii any size you want – As an old chief draughtsman I like gizmos like this. Well thought out, simple in concept, it works.
    Hav’nt used it for the job I bought it for, but have tried it on my 1 metre steel rule for fit, will do just fine.
    Will swing an arc from 0 to infinity as long as you’ve a beam that long.

    Richard C – Via Amazon

    Genius disign. – Who ever designed these trammels is a genius. This is an extremely versatile piece of kit.
    They do exactly as described in the description, feel very secure in use & don’t “fall over”.
    I have been cutting thick, ‘1 mm’ card with the blade, it helps if you lubricate the blade with candle wax & make several light cuts
    Could have done with a extra “scribing” point for marking out sheet mettle, but I’ve made one out of 8 mm bar & an old compass point.
    The packaging is no good for storing, so I found an old pen box & cut a foam insert to keep then tidy.
    Over all, well made, good finish & for the price a bargain & as with all marking out equipment they are only as accurate as the hands that hold them.
    Very impressed.

    Parts Express customer

    Works as advertised – Appropriate length straightedge. Trammels are far easier to use in the shop than a compass, and this one is very well made.