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Point 2 Point Layout Divider


    Excellent service and very quick delivery. Thank you.


    Good quality for the price and arrived quickly. Recommended seller.

    Greg N – Rockler

    This is a great tool, great timesaver, and super accurate
    I’ve had one of these for 2 decades. I decided that I need a new one.

    Dan E – Rockler

    Excellent tool! – Helps space out my screws evenly. Helps makes the project look nicer.

    Randy R-Rockler

    Luxury item turns out to be quite practical. – Have wanted for a long time, but put it off, as a “not necessary” shop item. Since this purchase, I’ve used more than I thought. Great Purchase!

    David P – Rockler

    Finally found it! – Hard to find, great for dovetail layout.

    Jeff Gu – via Amazon

    Very handy device to have in the shop – I use this silly thing all the time, especially for laying out evenly spaced screw holes. It has a number of other uses, as well.

    W. Wigand – via Amazon

    Wish I had one sooner – Makes marking for fasteners equal distance really easy , no more math . Nice

    Amazon customer

    No math – great idea.

    Richard Greg Jr – via Amazon

    Works great – 5 star – Works amazingly well. You open to desired length and lock the knobs to secure size. A definite buy!!

    woodworker – via amazon

    Fast & Easy – This is one of those “Must Have” tools to make life in the shop easy. No more math – lay it out and done.

    Peter Sahuc F – via Parts Express

    Not mine yet. I guess I’ll get it for Father’s Day. – I’m not supposed to know about that yet. That was supposed to be a Father’s Day gift. This is something I really could have used for some of my woodworking. I recently built several cajon’s ( Spanish for box) which is a box drum. The screws are driven in the top and you do your best to space them out evenly. This device would have really been nice. I’m sure I will use it for other things. I noticed the improvements. Having an even number is important for when you want to find the center. Also I think the metal has been reinforced and is now thicker? So it’s more sturdy. Again, I haven’t got it yet since it’s not yet Father’s Day, but I look forward to using it soon.

    Gabriel M.

    Save time – To obtain separations such as hangers, hangers or something that we need with a separation is still very useful, it should be mentioned that at some point there is an inaccuracy of about half to one millimeter. Where if we require something millimetric is not from there the product. But if that millimeter doesn’t affect you, you’ll end your stroke on what you just mark the landmarks.

    Juan Alvarez – via Amazon

    Recommend it – worth it – Excellent product, saves me a lot of time

    John F – Via Rockler

    Leave tape measure in the drawer – I have just used this on two projects and laying out equidistant marks for screws is super fast and efficient now.
    No more fumbling with tape measure and pencil to get even spaced fasteners.

    I only wish I had a larger one for large projects and wider screw spacing.

    One critique note: There are “lock bars” that go through the thumb screws that are actually what holds the setting. Little steel bars. They work well and help to provide leverage on the thumb screws. They do not however lock down quite hard enough because of the slick surfaces being sandwiched so be careful not to bump when moving from one surface to another. I haven’t modified mine yet but was thinking of taking a couple of Dremel sanding discs and putting in between screws to see if that will give a better locking grip.

    Jim Yocum – Via Rockler

    Works great! I made a (predictable) attempt of making one of these for myself — strong suggestion — do not bother! This works with no “slop” etc. The cost of the parts was almost as much as the tool. Hope this review helps.

    Uno S – Amazon

    Great tool, well made

    Warren D – Home Depot

    Just what I needed to get evenly space holes in a DIY Bar Clamp

    Corey R – Amazon

    Excellent Product

    Joe – Rockler

    Want to get the bigger one next. – This product is wh as t I was looking for building my hat racks. Measuring the distance inbetween each dowel was easy.

    Luke Loeser H. – Rockler

    Good prodect, good construction. Time saving tool.

    Robert L – Rockler

    Saved me a lot of time – I was in the process of building drawers for my shop and was constantly having to “Do the math” on spacing fasteners for all the different size drawers. This tool made it easy to layout and not keeping making story sticks for easy repeat layouts.

    Jonathan D – Via Rockler

    Perfectly spaced screws every time.
    Easy to use. I’m one of those people who have to get their screws perfectly spaced. I used to spend so much time measuring and doing math over and over and still never got it right. This jig takes all the guesswork out of the process. It is so simple. I wish I would have known about it sooner.

    LARRY B – Via Rockler

    Great addition to my layout tools. – Wish I’d had this many years ago. Talk about being handy. It’s so easy to use and accurate too!

    routeruser – Via Rockler

    Handy item, worth the money – I laid out rung holes for a climbing triangle for my grandkids. Requires a little thought for over 28 inches but works. There are 7 tongs on it so if you need 7 holes, simple. If you need six holes, just don’t use one of the tongs. Can also skip tongs for short boards… Locks in place ok but like others have said, not for millimeter accuracy.

    Eric P – Via Rockler

    Great tool for all I do.
    Very good but. I have used it on several projects and ii was so easy and useful I bought one for my son.
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    Danny – Via Rockler

    Very easy to use – This is a must to have for very fast layout.

    Jewel – Via Rockler

    Works quite well.

    Richard K – Via Rockler

    I have been building furniture for over 40 years and now my son is also doing it. I have to say after watching the video I thought it was great but when I received it went to my shop and just laid out some slots for pins in a bookcase for shelving which I always use a ruler that I drilled holes in for a couple of distances , but with this I am no longer locked into one or 2 distance any longer. Wish I would have came across this years ago.

    James L – Via Rockler

    Greatest Measuring Tool – This is the best thing ever invented, only wish it would expand out farther for 6-8 foot boards, you can make it work with a little thinking but for anything 28 inches or under its spot on! worth the investment if you have to divide up equal measurements

    Joe – Via Rockler

    Nice tool saves a lot of time

    Laszlo S – Via Rockler

    Works good for general layout. Not good for high accuracy. Good construction, for layout it worked just fine.

    Robert B – Via Rockler

    Useful but does not lock as advertised – I like the concept and basic design. It is a very useful tool. It would be much more useful if the 2 locking knobs actually worked to firmly hold the device static with one hand while trying to mark a center or equally graduated marks. I found that no matter how tight I try to hand turn the knobs, it would still stretch/move if I took both hands off. I experienced this while holding it up against a cabinet so it probably would not be as bad if laying it down on top of something. Too bad; can’t recommend.

    JOHN H – Via Rockler

    Not accurate, sloppy – If it wasn’t such a hassle, I’d return this thing. The spacing is not consistent and when locked in place it still moves from end to end so that it’s not really possible to repeat your measurements.I guess the warning on the insert says it all…”not suitable for high tolerance…” If you just need something for roughing out some repeated spacing it might serve that purpose.

    Dave – Via Amazon

    Good tool – Does what it is supposed to. 5 star

    Terry_n – Via Amazon


    a – via Amazon

    This is a most useful tool if you are marcking out lots of holes in wood or metal. I recently made a patch in the bonnet of my vintage tractor and used small M3 set srews closely set to give the impression of riveting. The point to point was excellent at setting out the fine spacing without the need to get the pen and paper out to work out the divisions and the measuring. I have loaned it to a colleague so he can have a go on some of his projects. It has many uses where one might want to set out say fold lines.

    The tool is well enough made perhaps a little flimsy but certainly value for money.

    TREBOR ANDERSON – Via Amazon

    Useful for repetitive marking – A little over priced but it works … would have been nice to have a storage box.


    Makes Projects Easier – This tool makes layouts fast, easy, and accurate. Trying to use a tape measure to do what this tool does takes much more time and is easy to mess up.

    Michael latzke

    Point To Point Finder – I have been looking around for a tool to speed up spacing out parts at are shop for years and thanks to this sight I found the right tool. The point to point finder works great and it’s simple to use. After looking around I have found some great products on Garrett Wade’s online store.


    The Point – One of the most useful layout tools I’ve ever owned! Love this! Use it almost every day!