Double Sided Diamond Stone with Unique Construction

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The Diamond Cross 8” Benchstone lies at the heart of M.POWER’s new comprehensive range of diamond sharpening stones. Using only the finest materials available the 8” Benchstone is a unique laminated hybrid. Combining the advantages of Stainless steel and 01 Tool Steel.

Stainless Steel
The 8” bench’s monocrystalline diamond plates are made of high quality rust-proof stainless steel.

Core Precision
At its core is a precision ground, tool steel plate that provides the first building block of an ultra flat diamond surface. Finished tolerance +/- 0.00175” ( 0.044mm) across entire length.

Pressure Bonding
This laminate is then pressure bonded using a high specification 3M adhesive. The result is a stone offering the performance and flatness of one costing twice as much; it’s also backed with a 3 year “no quibble guarantee”


GPS – General Purpose Stone
It’s now widely accepted that a large diamond stone is not only found in every good woodworker’s shop but much more commonly in the home as well. Ensuring a sharp edge on an array of essential household and garden tools from scissors to kitchen knives, craft knives, hair clippers pen knives, secateurs and pruning shears. All of these work better then when first bought if a decent edge has been honed on an 8” bench stone.

Large Sharpening Area
Like somethings in life, when it comes to diamond stones, size matters. At 8” x 2.3/4” (203 x 70mm) there’s nothing that comes to mind that can’t be sharpened on the DC 8” bench stone.

Double Sided Monocrystalline Diamond
Side One Coarse 50Micron or 300#
For fast stock removal, Ideal for preparing an edge for a fine hone.
Side Two Fine 15Micron 1000#
For fine honing and finishing

Laminated Construction
In order to guarantee a highly stable and seriously flat diamond stone the 8” Bench is uniquely constructed – at the heart of the 8” Bench stone is a precision ground stock 01 tool steel core. The lamination of diamond coated stainless steel plates and tool steel core are pressure bonded using the highest specification 3M adhesive and is carried out “in house” at our factory in Salisbury – UK

Stainless Steel Diamond Plates
In our search for a truly flat, evenly diamond plated surface. We discovered some surprising facts; firstly we abandoned plating a solid substrate. The main problem we experienced was that during the electro plating process the 3/16” solid plate received an uneven coating of diamond especially at the outer edges of the stone. It may have been OK had the coating become thicker toward the outer edge but it did the opposite with some test plates showing a loss of almost all the diamond plating from the edge to a 1/4” in.
Solution: The problem was all but removed when plating much thinner sections – overall depth of diamond plating increased and with no discernible loss of diamond coating at the edges.
Conclusion: A laminated construct allowed us to use thinner sections -3/64” (1mm) plate which improved evenness of coating and overall depth of diamond – We were also able to stay with stainless steel plates over regular steel to remove any chance of rusting.

Quality Assured
Every single 8” Bench stone coming off MPOWER’s production line in Salisbury UK is individually tested “old school style” on a super flat granite testing plate with a set of feeler gauges.
If it does not meet an overall tolerance of +/- 0.00175” / 0.044mm across the entire length and width of the diamond stone, it does not pass QA and you will not see it in your woodworking store.

3 Year Guarantee
We are so confident of the build quality of our new Diamond Cross range of sharpening stones. That each stone is backed by a “no fuss” 3 year extended guarantee.

Diamond Cross Patterned Recess
The Highly distinctive DC embossed patterned recesses provides the perfect balance between the ultra hardwearing diamond coverage and anti clog properties of the recess pattern.

In Surface Grit Indicator
All Diamond Cross sharpening stones are double sided, so on each side of the stone there’s a large embedded number that indicates the grade of the plate side.

Diamond Stone Holder
Our new interlocking magnetic Nitrile rubber stone holders safely hold your 8” Bench stone steady on a work surface. They can also hold a range of other regular diamond stones including the smaller tricky to hold credit cards.

Cleaning Block
Supplied with every 8” bench stone is a cleaning block, which quickly removes debris and dirt build up on the diamond plate surface, leaving it as new in seconds.

Storage Wallet
The 8” Bench stone is packed in a well made canvas storage wallet with a Velcro strip fastener.


Kitchen Knives
It’s the same for boning, carving, paring, slicing and filleting knives – The 8” bench can provide a seriously sharp edge on all of them – Even a cleaver benefits from a finely honed edge.

Craft Knives
Although the “snap off” blade is a great solution to freshen a blade edge. The performance of a Craft or Stanley knife blade can be greatly improved with a few strokes on the 8” bench. They’ll last much longer too, Perhaps snapping off a section of blade every few months instead of every couple of days.

Traditionally regular bevel edged chisels, mortise chisels, paring chisels etc have all been sharpened on a bench held oil stone. However after 30 years of use it’s now widely accepted that sharpening on a diamond stone has many advantages – Using a Diamond Cross 8” Bench stone is much less messy, has superior abrasion rates, is flatter and with less maintenance too.

Plane Iron
Although much wider than chisels, Plane irons from block planes, smoothing planes to joiner planes can be comfortably sharpened on the 8” Bench stone.

The same goes for all the scissors in the home from Kitchen, office, fabric to First Aid scissors. The difference in using sharp scissors is so much easier and safer too.

Drill Bits
A lot of people (sadly this included me) treat drill bits as a disposable item. It’s only since being a part of the team that researched and developed the Diamond Cross range did I discover how easily Drill bits of any size can be brought back to life with a few strokes on a diamond stone. Love your drill bits, sharpen them.

FAQ, Hints & Tips

Bedding In
All new diamond stones from any manufacturer will feel very coarse to the touch regardless of the micron or grit size of the diamond. This is quite normal and after the first couple of times being used, the stone will bed in and the difference in grit can be noted by touch alone. However there’s a grit number on it just to confirm what you thought.

No Pressure
An easy light pressured sharpening stroke is all that is required to gain optimal abrasion rates from any stone in the Diamond Cross range. Excessive pressure is not recommended as it can literally tear the diamond particles from the nickel plated bed.

Although Diamond Cross sharpening stones can be used dry. We recommend using a lubricant. Water works well or a purpose design lapping fluid.

Dangerous Tools
Warning all the tools mentioned in the above text are very dangerous in the hands of the young, inexperienced or untrained. We highly recommend only experienced users attempt to sharpen tools.

Contents & Spares

Main Unit
1 x Bench Stone Assembly (40062)
1 x Steel Core (50104)
1 x 300# Grade DIamond Plate Assembly (40060)
1 x 1000# Grade Diamond Plate Assembly (40061)

2 x Diamond Stone Holder Assembly (40059)
2 x Diamond Stone Holder (50112)
2 x Rare Earth Magnets (50055)

1 x Cleaning Block (50165)

1 x Storage Case (50106)

1 x Instruction Manual v2 – VIEW