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The following symbols are used throughout these instructions:


Denotes risk of personal injury, loss of life or damage to the tool in case of non-observance of these instructions.


Refer to Power Tool instructions.



This product is intended to be used to sharpen steel, tungsten carbide & high speed steel tools. For both professional and domestic use.



Please read and understand these instructions before use.

Users must be competent in using Woodworking equipment before using our products.

All cutting edges are very sharp and care must be taken to prevent injury.



Diamond Cross stones allow fast, clean stock removal,with less effort and time required and can be used on a variety of cutting edges.

When using Diamond Cross stones, certain general guidelines should be followed to ensure that the stone will give lasting performance under normal conditions.

Follow the hints and tips explained here to help maximise the life of your Diamond Cross Stone:

  • All tooling should be cleaned before sharpening. Resin build-up should be removed with Resin Cleaner and a wire brush.
  • Use with Diamond Abrasive Lapping Fluid (water can be used if necessary), this will prevent the diamonds becoming clogged with swarf.
  • Diamond Cross Stones require a ‘break-in’ period. Initially the diamond will feel coarse and will smooth overtime.
  • Do not apply too much pressure.
  • The diamond is extremely abrasive so what would normally take 5-10 minutes on an oilstone may take approximately 20 seconds on the Diamond stone.
  • Dry the Diamond Cross stone thoroughly after use. Any wet steel filings left on the stone will cause surface rust to form.



Code Grade Grit Micron
Router Bit Sharpener Fine 600 25
Coarse 300 50
Credit Card Stone Fine 600 25
Coarse 300 50
Single Handle File Fine 600 25
Coarse 300 50
Twin Handle File X/C Coarse 300 50
Ex. Coarse 100 140
Twin Handle File C/F Fine 600 25
Coarse 300 50
8″ Bench Stone Super Hine 1000 15
Coarse 300 50



The 8″ bench Stone comes with two diamond stone holders.

  • Attach one diamond holder to the underside at each end of the stone using the magnetic lock to secure in position.
    To prevent skidding ensure worksurface is dry, flat and clean of debris.




Router Bits/Cutters


Suggested: Router Bit Sharpener
Fine: For Tungsten Carbide.
Coarse: For High Speed Steel.

  • Always sharpen the flat face, never the profile/relief.

  • Slide the cutter with slight pressure along the whetstone. Repeat same number of strokes on each cutting edge.


Circular Sawblades

Suggested: Single Handle File
Fine: For regular maintenance
Coarse: For dull blades

  • Keep the diamond surface flat to the face of saw tooth.

  • Use a few light, smooth, back and forth strokes on each tooth.

  • Repeat the same number of strokes on each tooth.
  • Mark the first tooth sharpened with chalk or masking tape to avoid honing a second time.


Chisel/Plane Irons

Suggested: 8″ Bench Stone
Fine: For edge honing
Coarse: Areas of minor damage

  • Keep the bevel of the chisel/plane iron flat on the stone.

It is recommended to use a figure of eight motion when sharpening chisels.

  • Finish with one light stroke on the back of the chisel.



Suggested: Twin Handle File C/F
Fine: To hone the edge
Coarse: To prepare the edge

  • Mount the axe in a vice.

  • Keep the diamond surface flat to the tip of the Axe blade edge.

  • Perform light strokes back and forth on both sides.



Suggested: 8″ Bench Stone
Fine: To keep a razor edge
Coarse: To restore an edge

  • Keep the same angle as the knife bevel on the diamond stone. The angle is 20° for most knives.

  • Stroke away from the body, alternating on each said of the knife.

  • Light strokes will produce a finer edge.


Small pointed tools and gouges

Suggested: Credit Card Stone
Fine: To maintain an edge
Coarse: To restore a dull edge

  • Keep the bevel on the back of the gouge flat on the diamond stone.
  • Roll the tool gently to hone.

  • Small tools should be honed as per chisels, pointed tools should be honed as per gouges.


Mower Blades

Suggested: Twin Handle File X/C
Fine: To hone the edge
Coarse: To prepare the edge

  • Fix the mower blade position using two clamps.

  • Keep the diamond surface flat to the face of the blade edge.

  • Perform light strokes back and forth.


Shears and Scissors

Suggested: Credit Card Stone
Fine: To hone the edge
Coarse: To prepare the edge

Dismantle the shears to work on the cutting blade.

  • Lay the diamond stone flat on the cutting edge bevel.

  • Stroke smoothly towards the tip of the blade.
  • Lay the stone flat on the sliding face and remove the burr with a light stroke (as per the main image above).



Non-slip magnetic Diamond Stone Holder (pair) – Ref 21

  • Suitable for use with Diamond Cross Router Cutter Sharpener, Credit Card & 8” Bench Stones.
  • Also fits all other brands of credit card and bench diamond stones.


Continual satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool care and regular cleaning.


  • Clean with a damp cloth or cleaning (eraser) block.


  • Ensure diamond stones are stored separately.
  • Do not store the diamond stones in damp conditions.


  • Re-cylce raw materials instead of disposing as waste.
  • Packaging should be sorted for environmental-friendly re-cycling.
  • The product and its accessories at the end of its life should be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling.


All MPOWER products are guaranteed against any defects in either workmanship or material, except products that have been damaged due to improper use or maintenance.


Our policy of continuous improvement means that specifications may change without notice. MPOWER Tools Limited cannot be held liable for any material rendered unusable, or for any form of consequential loss.

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